• 750 ML. 15º 2017
    Variedades de Uva: Macabeo 100%.
    Production Process: The grapes are harvested right at the momento when we can obtain a wine with an alcohol of more than 16 degrees Celsius. The fermentation process is carried out the traditional way but when the fermentation reaches 15 degrees of alcohol, we stop the process in order to preserve the natural sugars of the grape. After the alcoholic  fermentation the wine obtained is filtered and allowed to marinate aging inside of 700 L French oak barrels with aromatic plants, different types of roots and flowers..
    Tasting Note: Pale Straw colour, with the faintest Golden rim. Aromas of Sweet pear, apple, cinnamon, white flower, cardamom, grass, rosemary, lemon, and and rainbow of herbs & spices. On the palate it is smooth and elegant, sweet and balanced.
    Consumption: Serve as an aperitif with lots of ice, a Green olive & a slice of orange or lemon. It can also be used as a base for an array of cocktails!
    Packaging: Swing top cap, 6 bottle cases.
    • Europallet: 105 cases x 6 bottles.
    • American pallet: 125 cases x 6 bottles.

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  • 750ML. 14%
    Crianza en barricas de roble francés durante 12 months.
    Monastrell - Petit verdot
    De color rojo picota y capa media. La nariz es potente con aromas a fruta madura. En boca se muestra fresco y vivaz con toques balsámicos y buena persistencia.
    Un vino para compartir. Una experiencia única en todos los sentidos. Diseño atrevido, acabados excelentes y un vino con lo mejor de la Monastrell y el color de la Petit Verdot.
    La temperatura de conservación y consumo debe estar alrededor de los 15ºC